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Together, we journeyed through striking and exotic new lands, faced countless perils and challenges across a vast world, braved the ruins of the gods, survived the calamity of war, fended off artificially designed. Cabal 2 is a free to play, massivelymultiplayer online game, set in the fantasy genre. Gear up in all black to attend the funeral of your foes. As a sequel to the original cabal online, cabal2 uses cryengine3 for improved visuals and gameplay compared to original, while retaining the same look and feel. Cabal online 2 was promoted in south korea on october 2010 before the start of gstar. Cabal online top 100 private servers, guides, free servers. Put your skills to the test in one of the most renowned actionoriented and diverse.

Discover whats missing in your discography and shop for cabal 2 releases. With traditional classes like the priest, wizard, warrior, and new takes, such as the force shielder and force blader and force archer, the battle of cabal 2 download games takes center stage. Cabal 2 requires at least a radeon hd 4850 or geforce gts 250 to meet recommended requirements running on high graphics setting, with 1080p resolution. Choose from multiple unique classes and force your enemies back with the fast paced, skill based combat system all while using the strategic battlemode to conquer all.

Cabal 2 is a free to play cryengine 3 actionmmorpg developed by estsoft. Detailsb3f released 2 servers reborn and pvp server max 5000 reborns each 100 points. We would like to thank the entire community for three years of adventure and fun in the wild. We would like to thank the entire community for three years of adventure and fun in the wild land of ektensia. Explore the world of ektensia in the role of a mercenary, and participate in a number of dungeons, instances. Cabal online is a freetoplay, 3d massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed. Cabal online free download fileplanet cabal online. You venture out into the world of ektensia as a mercenary participating in various dungeons, instances and pvp arenas. Dear friends, cabal ii officially closed its doors on april 18th, 2018.

With classic classes such as the priest, wizard, warrior, as well as. A stunning role player that you can play on your pc for free. Cabal 2 download games is an actionmmo with fluid, a skill based contest that provides the real mmo experience that made the genre so popular. Cabal 2 first look gameplay eu server closed beta youtube. Cabal online introduces fastpaced, fluid, skillbased combat as never before seen in. Cabal 2 is an actionmmo with fluid, skillbased combat that offers the genuine mmo experience that made the genre so popular. Its a decent execution for a fantasy based mmorpg, except that it was put out in south korea in 2012 and only made its way back to the americas and broader audiences until recently in 2015. Cabal online is a freetoplay 3d thirdperson mmorpg set on the continent of nevareth, a thousand years after the apocalypse that destroyed the land and the cabal. Choose one of your game to see our most frequently asked questions. Cabal 2 download games pc games free download full version. Cabal 2 boasts rich scenarios and unlike any other mmorpgs, the game has an actual scenario ending. These are all great features, but theyre not unique to cabal 2.

Cabal online private servers, guides, free servers. First cabal 2 entrance in europeamerica, closed beta of me playing in it. This lack of uniqueness is a recurring theme because at its heart, cabal 2 looks, feels, and plays like an endless list of other games. The official twitter account of cabal 2, the long awaited successor to cabal online from estsoft. The original revolution of action has arrived on steam. Cabal 2 is the sequel to the first cabal, surprise, surprise and was published out of south korea.

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